How to configure QT 5.11.1 development environment in Visual Studio 2017 Community

How to configure QT 5.11.1 development environment in Visual Studio 2017 Community

Visual Studio 2017 Community is free for individual developers, and there is no need to crack, save trouble and no longer use pirated versions (laughs)

So how does Visual Studio 2017 Community conduct QT development and how to configure the environment? This article will record my process of configuring the QT development environment.

Tools and system: Visual Studio 2017 Community, Qt5.11.1, win10 Home Edition

1. Download QT

I have already completed the installation of VS2017 Community, so I won t repeat it here.

For Qt, you can go directly to download

The version I downloaded is Qt5.11.1

Remember to choose the right version

Next double-click the installer

Just the next step

This step is to log in/register a QT account

Next step

The installation path can be selected or specified by yourself, you need to remember the path of your own installation

Remember not to choose the wrong one

Remember to confirm the following Tools

Then agree to the agreement

2. Configuration of Visual Studio 2017 Community

After the installation is complete, open Visual Studio 2017 Community, click Qt VS Tools> QT Options to configure

Select here


Here choose add to add your own path


Choose your installation path name here, just choose

Then click Tools-Extensions and Updates

As shown

Click online

Click online and enter QT in the input box on the right

Search QT and download and install the plugin

Choose the first download

After completing this step, close Visual Studio 2017 Community to configure system variables

Select this computer right click-Properties-Advanced System Settings-Environment Variables-Configuration Variable Path

Add the path of the folder where QT5Core.dll is located in Path. Otherwise, an error message may appear when you create the Qt project and run it: Cannot find QT5Core.dll


Advanced system settings

Environment variable

Double click

Click New and enter the path

The path is generally in the bin directory of msvc2017, please pay attention to choose your own corresponding installation path

After completing this step

3. Create the project

Click File-New-Project

The same operation in English interface

It should be noted here that the project creation of QT may appear in the test of C++ project

Create QT GUI Application

Then enter the qt project to create the default next step here

No special needs can choose the default

Same thing here

Even if the project is created successfully

Here double click on .ui to enter editing

Here you can edit the QT interface (of course the code can also be

Add a label here to be a demo

Double click to edit text

Then remember to save after editing (otherwise an error)

Shortcut keys are more convenient

If this appears in the lower left corner, it means the save is successful

Then click run

Click on

Run successfully

So here, QT 5.11.1 and Visual Studio 2017 Community development environment are successfully configured.

The original article was originally contained in the short book.